Web小説 「.hack//bullet」


Two men who share the same story. This is a report of their investigations.

After the 2023 rat incident, David Steinberg looks into the affairs of CyberConnect Corporation and the revival of the formerly assumed halted quantum computer initiative. The past comes to life, and David quickly ensnares himself in a decades-old story.

Following his final encounter with Veronica Bain, Ryuuji Sogabe becomes obsessed with exposing her crimes to the world and putting his wife’s memory to rest. However, as usual, things aren’t so easy…

The Net rumbles. Who’s there?

The snakes spin the world round and round...


The Committee of the Twilight Dragon

Illustrator: Custat
Character artist & designer of .hack//Bullet: RECOIL ARC

     Writer: E. Wieland
   Creator of the wielant.net project. Lead writer of .hack//Bullet:    RECOIL ARC.


   Writer: W.B. Yeats
   Co-writer and wielant.net collaborator.

Guest Artists

Illustrator for ch.52 & 66.

Illustrator for ch.63.