Web小説 「.hack//bullet」


Ryuji Sogabe

"End of the year already, huh?"

After saving The World R:X from the dangerous rat virus set up by Yuri Seto, Sogabe has embarked on a mission to find evidence of the crimes of CC Corp.'s CEO Veronica Bain and put the memory of his wife to rest.

David Steinberg

"I don't play games. I solve problems."

An American NAB investigator, or...? While conducting an internal investigation of the Japanese NAB, a dark web begins to reveal itself. David seeks to separate the truth from the facts.

Eriko Fujioka

"The Net and the real world can't keep up anymore. Soon it'll be one and the same."

David's fellow student at Osaka National University. At one point in time she could have saved the world.

Reiko Saeki

"I'm sorry, Ryuji."

Former CC Corp. Japan employee turned NAB investigator, Reiko is a conflicted woman torn between the memory of her brother and her own sense of morality.

Veronica Bain

"Let's play a game."

The president of CyberConnect Corporation. Responsible for many cybercrimes, but with no empirical evidence against her, it's a losing battle. Just what are her true intentions, really?

Tokio Kuryuu

"If you need me to play the hero again, that's fine. I just don't appreciate secrets."

A growing boy, Tokio spends his time studying, playing video games, and using the internet. Old tales quickly make this more difficult for him.

Lillie Weiss

"I'm old enough to know right from wrong!"

A second-year junior high student, Lillie is Ryuji's adoptive daughter. After his disappearance, she loses her childlike innocence in an effort to protect herself.