o v a n's    r e p o r t

To whom it may concern,

My name is Masato Indō. I am a former network investigator under the NAB.

During my time at the NAB, I discovered a group known as “mama.” I have spent the rest of my days since then in hiding, trying to initiate a counterattack.

Where does this story begin? With my dear sister.

In my youth, I was an avid network game enthusiast. The World was enjoyed by both my sister and I to its fullest. However, my sister was sick. Her days were spent in dark hospitals, behind curtained windows, closed doors, and so on. When I moved away from my hometown for schooling, it came to be that our only visits were in The World.

In that version, I played under many names. I came into contact with the Bracelet. I am sure the story of the player named “Kite” is ancient history to the NAB.

In 2016, I lost my sister to a malicious data anomaly dubbed by Project G.U. as “AIDA.” She became the first user to be known as a Lost One. It was around this time I began work with the NAB. I made it my profession to seek out the mysteries of the Net that had taken my sister away from me.

In my research, I found that my father, Osamu Indō, had also come into contact with “Mama.” He was even involved with one of their founding members, the poet behind the network epic, THE EPITAPH OF TWILIGHT. Let me make one thing clear: my father never had anything to do with Mama. Emma Wieland never involved him either. They were in love. That is all.

My father disappeared at the time of her death. I have made it my mission to reunite our family, and divorce ourselves from this sordid history.

I have vague memories in my own youth of meeting Wieland. She had an enigmatic aura to her unlike any woman that I have ever known since. Perhaps that aura is the namesake of Harald Hoerwick’s “child” with her. That is just the delusion of a madman, however—the only real child Wieland ever bore was my sister.

She is unlike the others in Mama, I’m sure. They have spiralled out of control. The various private military companies contracted to them, the politics they have sunk their teeth into, the immense wealth they possess; none of these things are the actions of a so-called environmentalist organization. They are terrorists.

They are working towards something called “Project Twilight.” I have seen this term come up many times in my research in NAB databases. I am not sure what it is exactly—perhaps they are planning some sort of an uprising, researching a bio-weapon, or developing a new type of atomic bomb. All I know is that they are concerned with ceasing human activity. This much can be derived from the seminal work of their founder Dominique de Mirabeau, On the Comprehensive Effect of Mankind on the Environment of the Earth, which is publicly available.

My sister never deserved to be caught up in any of this. I have been working only to give her a normal life; to erase our connections to these terrorists and live peacefully. She is the only thing that matters, my shining light.

I will take responsibility for the Third Network Crisis. In triggering the Rebirth I hoped to cleanse my sister of AIDA, but I may have triggered something else as well. There was another entity aside from Cubia dormant for a long time prior to the Rebirth. The mother of the intelligent Net. Emma Wieland.

She is out there. Do not engage. Search and destroy. Mama cannot exist.