Emma Wieland


December 1st, 1997
Dear Travelers,

It has been one whole year since THE EPITAPH OF TWILIGHT was created.
I could not be happier with the results. I can only hope that more Travelers will appear in the coming year.
I have made all the formerly forbidden grounds accessible. These are all just prelude to something much larger.
This is only the beginning.
To know that there is at least one Traveler out there who is lost within the world of THE EPITAPH OF TWILIGHT
is enough. Never stop searching for your answer. Continue on your quest for liminality. You are the future of the digital age.
We are entrusting our hopes on to you, Travelers.
I hope you can piece together the truth of THE EPITAPH OF TWILIGHT. I hope one day I can bring you salvation.
I hope one day I can bring you Dusk, that lasts forever. I hope one day I will leave this earth. I hope one day to cleanse it.

I will always be with you. I am always working hard to please you, and only you.