The Sophia Security System (S3) was manufactured by ALGOS Enterprises and developed as a joint production between it and Mama. It replicates 2010-era technology originally created by the Origin and given to the player, Kite. By salvaging his PC data, Mama was able to provide ALGOS with the assets required to repurposing this technology into a data-rescripting system that works in real-time. The design document provided explains its development further.

The S3 are a failed attempt at recreating Aura through the RA Plan. While powerful, they are not capable of emitting RD signals on the level of an Origin-like entity.

The S3 are designed to act as administrators for the end result of Project Twilight, which was tested during Bloody Christmas in the Digital Bastille.

In conjunction with the commercial release of the S3, the virus known as EVB (Evolving Virus Bug) was introduced into the network. In order to promote the use of S3, it was made to be the only anti-virus software capable of fighting the EVB.

This EVB was developed by the research institute Psychopathology und das Forschungsinstitut der virtuellen Wirklichkeit (PFW). The bug follows the same general plan from 2005, wherein Pluto's Kiss was developed to instate ALTIMIT OS as the main operating system of computers all around the world. By the same principle, the EVB only being dealt with by the S3 will ensure the software is installed in all computers around the world.