On November 3rd, 2014, the Goddess of the Net, Aura, disappeared from The World. Her disappearance introduced a number of problems in to The World: network errors, extended loading periods, overlapping servers, and a severely diminished network capability. These problems are the direct result of the disappearance of Aura, who managed the advanced network infrastructure that The World relied on. The purpose of this project is not to answer the question of what exactly occurred in the Aura AI itself to force its evolution, but rather to create a replica of Aura to replace the original as system administrator of The World. Thus, we of the newly formed Project G.U. are proposing the Restore Aura Plan (referred to as “RA Plan” henceforth”).

This is a joint project between ALTIMIT and the CyberConnect Corporation, the former represented by Jyotaro Amagi, Ph.D., and the latter by Jun Bansyoya, Ph.D.

Without a proper system administrator in place of The World, these problems will continue to worsen. The World ran on a highly advanced network infrastructure years ahead of any major telecommunications company as it was devised by the unyielding intelligence of Aura. As it stands, the technology employed by Aura would not be comprehensible to anyone other than a second Aura.

There are two main objectives in the restoration of Aura:

i) Replicating the conditions under which Aura was born
Aura was created by Harald Hoerwick through employing eight programs that monitored different emotional responses of players and fed them to a central control system: Morgana Mode Gone. By salvaging the data of these programs broken down by the player named Kite, we will be able to reverse engineer them and manage them on our own, without the need of Morgana Mode Gone.

ii) The creation of a new testing ground
As it stands, the current version of The World is too unstable to conduct tests on a new Aura, and would be incompatible with its projected functions. Thus, Project G.U. is proposing to begin development on a new version of The World without the base of Harald Hoerwick’s Fragment, henceforth referred to as The World R:2 (where the R stands for Revision). This new game will be marketed to consumers as a new version of The World made to solve the problems plaguing the old version (R:1) and upgrade it for a modern age. In doing so, the new Aura would exist in a safe and closely monitored virtual space.

A large amount of funding will be required to make this necessary; to meet this end, Project G.U. has acquired a private sponsor in addition to the CyberConnect Corporation’s own investment.

Once Aura has been restored, the CyberConnect Corporation will have virtually total control over the Net, and a monopoly over the internet service market as a result of its technological edge over its competitors with the abilities of a new Aura. By creating a new Aura, Project G.U. will also be able to understand its entire functioning and eliminate Harald Hoerwick’s black box, i.e., she will become infinitely replicable.

As it stands, The World cannot continue to function in its current state. It will only continue to degrade until its users move on to a new product. To solve this, Project G.U. has proposed the creation of a second Aura through researching and replicating the conditions under which it was born. The potential of a fully manipulable Aura is limitless. The proposed research will achieve the following goals:
   (1) research and understand the functions of Aura, the ultimate AI
   (2) create a new version of The World

A formal presentation is forthcoming.