;;:the dying of the light.

"The human race is young and imperfect. It must be judged by a higher being before it can ever hope to mature. Childhood’s end is but a mere fantasy."
- Erna Uhlenhuth

In 2009, Morgana Mode Gone was able to redirect the power of the Origin in its gestation period into Soul Digitalizing the player Tsukasa through funnelling his negative emotional data into herThe response to SD the user was the result of the Origin’s unconscious decision to protect him.

In its current, fully-evolved state The Origin would be capable of Real Digitalizing an innumerable amount of people. By utilizing the 2014 Restore Aura Plan’s leftover Wave data, The World can be reconfigured to only feed negative emotional data into the birth of a new Aura, thereby causing a reflexive reaction to digitize any humans placed under her care.

This plan will be put into place by utilizing the Digital Phase Transfer system.

The DTS has two functions:
i) to link the Black Forests and launch a large-scale human server to birth a new Aura more powerful than the ultimate AI.
ii) to send an RD frequency en masse to anyone caught in its network.

Further specifications of the DTS can be examined in its own design document.

Observation of this procedure will be handled by administrators in the OOC.