;;:accept it, for it is inevitable.

"Women will give birth to the future. That is how She ordained it."
- Erna Uhlenhuth

Once the RD frequency has been broadcast, administrators will be assigned worldwide to both maintain the functions of the quantum network and begin restoration of Gaia, our Mother Earth. When the CO2 concentration in the earth’s atmosphere has decreased to suitable levels and the earth’s population has been reassigned new values they will be reintroduced on a case by case basis. However, to those living on earth it will be as if nothing has changed in their daily life. The mass digitalization will not be felt, as the quantum network can facilitate a mirror image of our own earth.

This conclusion is based on research by HARALD HOERWICK (1970 - 2006) who devised the hypothesis that a quantum network could host complex interconnected digital spaces that transcend simple 1s and 0s. While this was observed on a much smaller scale during the 2021 incident, it proved a key piece of information: if one quantum computer can host a shared digital space among a group of people, then networked ones operating within various different dimensions can produce potentially infinite digital spaces.

Furthermore, by replicating all existing physical space of the earth and its surrounding atmosphere, the symptoms of Outer Dependency Syndrome may be delayed. In the 2020 Immortal Dusk experiment the doubleware Tokio Kuryuu only experienced symptoms as a result of his cognizance to the fact that he existed within a digital space. The same phenomenon was observed in the case of Jyotaro Amagi, in which his physical form collapsed as a result of both emotional instability and being fully aware of the digital space around him. If one were to be digitalized and subsequently follow through their day-to-day actions and routines, then it is likely there will be no OSD symptoms.

In the same incident, mass digitalization was also observed among all those connected via P-COM or other ALTIMIT-running devices. With the help of both the S3 administrators present in virtually all electronic devices in circulation and the quantum network, an RD frequency can be broadcast anywhere the computers cast their net.