doubleware // [ dəbəlwɛr ] (noun):

A digitally adaptable human.

The term “Doubleware” was coined by programmer Harald Hoerwick to refer to humans with a high affinity for the process known as “Real Digitalize,” the transmission of matter into light.

Of the doubleware in existence, two are notable:

- Tokio Kuryuu, for being the first observed
- Erna Uhlenhuth, for being the first discovered

While they are not immune to ODS, they hold a genetic key to delay its effects far longer than a regular human being. Doubleware can exist for a long period of time on the Network before their motor skills and physical functions begin to deprecate. However, this has only been examined in the case of Tokio Kuryū, who had been aware since the beginning that he was trapped in a digital space. Thus, a hypothesis has been presented: if a doubleware were to be real digitalized without their knowing, then perhaps the symptoms of ODS would not appear. As a result, research into the doubleware phenomenon is still heavily required, albeit far in between.

Doubleware are integral to Project Twilight development. The conditions under which doubleware are created must be identified and implemented on a mass scale before any further action can be taken. The current physical symptoms have been observed as such:

- The acceleration of particles at the Planck scale, signalling greater molecular adaptability
- Sensitivity to electromagnetism
- Unmeasurable ego border
- Higher than usual morphogenetic waves
- Adverse reaction to analog electronics
- Luminous phenomena
- And various other seemingly supernatural events in relation to technology.
Recently observed are anti-doubleware—humans who are immune to RD frequencies for whatever reason. This anti-phenomenon were discovered during the Versus experiments, where various users were real digitalized at random to test for consistencies between doubleware. To understand anti-doubleware, regular doubleware must be understood in their entirety. Anti-doubleware present the limits of current technology, in that they are an unsolvable flaw in Project Twilight’s design. It is for this purpose that recovery of the ultimate AI is of top priority.

The light used in the process of Real Digitalization is emitted in a specific pattern, flashing faster than the human eye can process. This pattern resonates with the Doubleware, and causes the Doubleware – now in a wave-like state – to give off its own, unique light pattern. This flashing pattern is akin to Morse code; or like the 1’s and 0’s of digital data.

For successful Real Digitalization to occur, there must be a ‘receiver’ or an ‘interpreter’ to assemble the Doubleware’s ‘code’ – this can be seen in the case of the digitalization of the Doubleware Tokio Kuryuu. The online game, Akashic Line, was programmed with both an ‘emitter’ and a ‘receiver’ in mind. Players of the game were subject to the Real Digitalize frequency, and those compatible with its light would have their ‘code’ read by the interpreter program – their code would be ‘received’ by the game.

The Black Disc that Saika Amagi had in her possession had the same codes used in Akashic Line; as such, Tokio Kuryuu was able to have his code ‘read’ and ‘reassembled’ in The World R:X.

It is possible to Real Digitize even non-Doublewares with the technology available to us. The ‘emitter’ program must be modified to operate at a higher power, in order to properly excite the electrons of non-Doublewares. However, for Real Digitalization to occur on a global scale, an incredible amount of processing power is required – current technologies cannot handle such a sudden, massive influx of data. It would be analogous to a DDoS attack. Nor would current technologies be able to push out the necessary ‘emitter’ programs at an adequate level of power. A quantum computer would theoretically be able to process this data. And even greater than that, would be to have the power of God on our side. Of course, this is all conjecture, based on a seconds-long instance of Real Digitization. A live doubleware subject is required to further develop this theory. A final note: all of this research is a moot point should the ultimate AI return. Its power can RD anyone at will, regardless of genetic disposition.

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