There are two forms of Digitalization, as observed by mama scientists like J. Amagi and J. Bansyoya.

The digitalization of consciousness into a digital space. This occurs at the expense of a physical body left behind, which is not sustainable. SD has been observed in the Twilight Incident, in the year 2017, and many more—it is the basis by which Digitalization Theory is formed.

The digitalization of body and mind from matter to light. The light is read by a computer and transmitted to a digital space.

Real Digitalize technology was originally experimented with by Harald Hoerwick in the early 2000s as part of his personal project, Fragment. Hoerwick became the first recorded human subject to experience RD but became catatonic because of ODS, and was later deemed irretrievably lost by Morgana Mode Gone. The circumstances under which he Real Digitalized himself would not be recreated until almost a decade later by Jyotaro Amagi, who perfected RD.

Amagi’s genius has pushed Mama leaps and bounds into the future, and has allowed for the internal development team to advance decades beyond what is currently possible. Digitalization theory is now a reality instead of another relic left behind by Harald Hoerwick.