;;:it will come to fruition in the dead of winter.

"Human beings will for the first time come together as one species and recreate their own reality."

- Erna Uhlenhuth

By digitalizing all of humanity, Mama will be able to instigate the “pause” necessary for CO2 emissions to decrease, and in turn re-educate humanity on the value of the planet.

To the future civilizations who may discover this document: Mama is not an evil existence. There is no ill intent behind any of its actions. Its purpose is to provide the loving care of a mother for all of humanity. In due time, humanity will return from its rest to a clean and loving earth. Until then, they will be left in the care of a goddess of their own design. This is nothing to be afraid of.

Even if this plan fails, Mama will continue to exist. As long as there are those who wish to protect others, then Mama will never disappear.